July 8, 2013



Since its inception, the SYA Foundation has provided tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and improved the quality of lives for our residential Cadets. The SYA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

Tuition to the Academy is FREE to all accepted cadets, however, there are many "extras" that are not a part of the program cost. You can help by giving a small donation of $25 or more. Because of your donation current and future cadets will be provided items such as body soap, shaving supplies, materials and stamps to write home as well as the ability to apply for educational scholarships. Instantly help out a current cadet who can not afford the mandatory  items needed to attend our academy and help them further their education.  100% of your donations go in direct support of the Sunburst Cadets.

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 Do you want to give a certain amount? Click the Donate button below and Donate any amount you'd like. You are helping a low-income at risk teen.


If you have any questions regarding donations / fundraising for the Academy please contact us:
SYA Foundation


PO Box 8292, Long Beach, CA 90808-8292

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SYA Foundation a 501(c)(3) effective 10 October 2012

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SYA Foundation Audited Financial Statements 12-31-2015