• Vision


    "The vision of the Sunburst Youth Academy (SYA) is to be recognized as the leading alternative educational program for High School dropouts. SYA will meet the unique needs of its Cadets and assist them in making a successful transition to adulthood by fostering and perpetuating the Eight Core Components of ChalleNGe. Through mentoring and education, our graduates will be provided the life skills to be successful in their future endeavors."

    LTC Armstrong - Director

  • Mission


    The mission of the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of 16-18 year old high school dropouts, producing program graduates with the values, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to succeed as productive citizens.

  • Discipline


    Training that develops self-control. The willingness to do what is required regardless of personal mood.

  • Integrity


    A Strict adherence to a code of moral values or standard of conduct.

  • Courage


    A mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

  • Honor


    A keen sense of ethical conduct, where one's word or signature is given as a guarantee of truthfulness or performance.

  • Commitment


    An agreement, pledge, or promise to do something in the future.

How to Apply

Sunburst Youth Academy

Are you ready to change your life? Do you have a desire to change but don't know how to? Then take that first step. Apply for the opportunity of a lifetime to become the person you have always wanted to be!

If you will be 16 - 18 on January 10th, 2016, are behind in High School credits and/or struggling at school, and want to change your life, this program is for you. We are state and federally funded. There is NO CHARGE for tuition to attend Sunburst Youth Academy. Change your life and be proud of yourself!

Space is highly limited. Don't Wait.